Specialist Partners

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has been providing specialised delivery services to aircraft dealers and private individuals around the world since 1989. Our unblemished safety record and 100% completion rate serve to highlight our commitment to safety, legality and reliability.

Tel: (+44) 1624 640673
Email: sales@adl.aero
Website: www.adl.aero

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AVCorp Registrations

Tel : (+44) (0)1452 715000
Fax : (+44) (0)1452 715094
Email: peter@avcorpregistrations.com
Website: www.avcorpregistrations.com

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Babcock Mission Critical Services

Tel: (+44) (0)1452 856007
Website: www.babcockinternational.com

Glass Eels Ltd

123 Hempsted Lane, Gloucester, GL2 5JY
Tel: (+44) (0)1452 312492
Fax: (+44) (0)1452 520294
Email: aviation@mailbox.co.uk
Website: www.atobnop.com/

Global ATS Ltd
Global ATS has been providing aviation training and consultancy services to the global market for well over ten years. In that time we have trained over two thousands students world-wide, worked alongside dozens of different aviation authorities, and invested millions in technology to ensure our exacting quality standards are met. Although our operations are governed by strict quality management systems, we see this as just the cornerstone to our internal training and development philosophy. All of our staff are encouraged to undertake extracurricular activities that complement their work, meaning we often teach beyond the curriculum, providing real world examples to re-enforce teaching points and raise the standard of training.

Our UK Air Traffic Control Training College is based at Gloucestershire Airport and is audited and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to complete UK & European Common Core Content Compliant ATC Courses.

Our International ICAO College is based at Shoreham Airport and is audited and approved by National Regulators from around the world to complete ICAO compliant Courses as well as English & Aviation English Courses.

We have the resources to undertake global projects, yet remain personal enough to cater to the individual looking to take their first step into air traffic control. if you have any questions please get in touch.

Tel: (+44) (0)1452 715630
Fax: (+44) (0)1452 715649

Email: andy.cameron@global-ats.com
Website: www.global-ats.com

Gloucester Jet Test Centre

Tel: (+44) (0)1452 714471
Website: www.summit-aviation.co.uk/test_cell.htm

GO Transport

-Vehicle rental
-Vehicle repairs

Tel: 01242 233084
Website: https://www.go-transportgroup.co.uk/

Specialist Aviation Services

– Contract surveillance to UK police authorities.
– Air observer training.
– Contract air ambulance services to UK health authorities.

Tel : (+44) (0)1452 857999
Website: www.specialist-aviation.co.uk/