Operating Hours

Operating hours are as follows (all times local):

0830-1930 weekdays

0900-1930 weekends (summer)

0900-1800 weekends (winter)

Please note activity relating to the operation of air ambulance and other emergency service helicopters have special dispensation for out of hours flights, including at night. This can be for operational reasons as well as pilot and crew training along with airframe maintenance flights. Please contact for more information.

Due to the operational nature of an airport there may be times whereby these hours differ, please contact for the most accurate opening times, or check NOTAMs for any necessary operational amendments.  

Flights can sometimes be accepted outside of these hours subject to the availability of Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Airport Fire Service. All movements will be subject to a surcharge. For more information, please contact Landside Operations on: 01452 857700 x 223. Consult Scale of Charges for fees.

For Indemnity Rules and form (only applicable to home-based operators) please click here.