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Flight Training

Whether it’s a lifelong ambition, a mid-life crisis, a change of career or simply a new and exciting challenge, it’s far more accessible than you might think. If you can drive a car, you can fly a ‘plane!  You’ll gain a recreational aeroplane pilot’s license with a minimum of 32 hours’ training, the full Private Pilot’s Licence can be issued after 45 hours and you can add additional qualifications, such as twin-engined aircraft, aerobatics, night and bad weather flying progressively.  Keeping your license current requires just twelve hours flying and a trip with an instructor every two years.  Some people do enough to go solo, just to ‘tick the box’.

Your new licence…

With your new licence in hand, the possibilities are endless.  Imagine a weekend trip to France, saving hours of business travel as you land at one of hundreds of airstrips dotted around the country or just savouring the pure pleasure of flying your friends and family over their home.

Gloucestershire Airport’s clients enjoy these freedoms every day.  Expect to spend between £4 -£9k obtaining your Private Pilot’s License, £16-20k for a helicopter license and £25k more for a Commercial Licence.

Many private pilots rent aircraft by the hour from flying clubs after qualification; others join a group (of up to 20 members), buying a share in an aircraft and spreading the running costs.  There are a huge range of outright ownership options.  A basic two-seater can cost under £10k, a brand new four-seater, fresh from the factory to your own specification with the latest gadgets and gizmos can cost £300k.

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